An exceptionally fine ear

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies

He is a very fine musician

Nadia Boulanger

How much I admired it (Suffolk Rhapsody for cello and piano) and the excellent way the particular ´genius´ of the cello is used as an instrument.

Sir Charles Mackerras

Apart from the joy of hearing music beautifully played (The CD of An Intake of Breath)… , it is SO exquisitely, beautifully written.

Jacqueline Cole - Pianist

He is one of the most creative pupils I have taught

Sir Lennox Berkeley

I think your Oboe Quartet looks beautiful

Nicholas Daniel

I find it (The Symphony) most admirable.

Sir Charles Mackerras

What a superb piece it (the oboe quartet) is.

Stella Dickinson

(An Intake of Breath)… A brilliant addition to the repertoire for the musical saw, written for leading exponent Harriet Longman. (Scottish Music Information Centre)

Scottish Music Information Centre

It (An Intake of Breath) was brilliant. Inspirational.

Roland Taylor - BBC Radio 3 Online Producer

An Intake of Breath is so beautiful.

Janet Whiteside - RSC Actor

It (the Pied Piper) was extremely and effectively descriptive. A rich melodic introduction caught the attention and this moved into dramatic effects, especially the scurrying of rats…. but this was no gimmicky composition. It was expressively conceived and should be popular.

The Farnham Herald

After hearing Ben Parry and the London Singers’ recording of Rejoice! Rejoice!, these comments:

a magical musical gift!     (Benny Maslov – Dancer)

Lovely piece! Beautiful performance too     (Gordon Cross – Composer)

It is beautiful     (Adrian Knott – Amici Choir-Master)

That is absolutely gorgeous!  A lovely piece, superbly sung, well recorded. What more could one want?     (Christopher Bishop – Record Producer)

That was simply Beautiful!     (Carole Bidder – Jubilee Opera)

Exquisite     (Paul Martin – Cimbro Martin’s son)

Beautiful! Thank you!     (Siv and Per Christian Revholt)

that is absolutely beautiful…!!!     (Jennifer Thorn – Violinist)

your beautiful carol     (Paul Leonard – Actor and Singer)

A beautiful carol     (Rachel Keal – Singer)

What a lovely carol it is!     (Wietske Hendriksen)

What a beautiful carol!     (Andrew Watkinson – Violinist)

very beautiful indeed     (Andrew Higgs – Composer and Pianist)

How cool is this – just magic !  Really beautiful     (Gunilla and John Hailes

That was beautiful     (Sue Barr)

really beautiful     (Richard Wilson (Aldeburgh)

a lovely piece! Loved it!     (Rajesh Chhanyah

Your carol is really beautiful and beautifully sung too     (Philip Simms (Double Bass-Player & Conductor)

It’s a beautiful carol     (Nigel Kahn)

It is truly beautiful and I congratulate you on a wonderful tribute to our Lord this Christmas     (Robin Self)

this is really wonderful!     (Damien Lee Stirk (Dancer)

it’s absolutely beautiful, it made me cry! I’ve played it over and over. SO beautifully sung – what amazing voices.  It’s a wonderful start to my Christmas Day – thank you so much!!!!!     (Carolyn Allen)

Great stuff     (John Gibbs – Organist)

what a lovely way to start Christmas day     (Caroline Ball – Violinist)

Your Rejoice Rejoice is a delightful carol     (John Mosseson)

What a joy to hear your carol sung so beautifully by London Voices conducted by Ben     (Valerie Walker – SInger)

Your carol is absolutely beautiful!     (Sally Bradshaw – Singer)

It is really beautiful!     (Tom and Sue Balch)

Lovely carol     (John Stafford – Pianist)

It is stunning!  I love it     (Megan Peel – Vocal consultant)

Really loved your carol     (Helen Crayford – Pianist)

your carol is truly beautiful     (Delphine Desborough – Singer)

It’s absolutely brilliant, beautiful, and I take my hat off to you     (Timothy Higgs)